Eric Bauza Talks Splinter From Rise Of The TMNT

Reported by Foxwolf on Friday, September 14th 2018
Eric Bauza Talks Splinter From Rise Of The TMNT

Comics Beat caught up with Eric Bauza back in July at Comic Con to talk about his new role as Splinter, master and mentor of the Turtles in the new Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.

Excited for the opportunity to voice an iconic character in the franchise, Bauza talked about taking on the role and finding the right voice, how this Splinter differs from the rest, being a fan as a kid, working with former Raphael and Donatello voice Rob Paulsen who is now the voice director of Rise, and more.

Here are some chunks from the interview.

Comics Beat: What is your feeling about playing Master Splinter at this interesting time in Ninja Turtle history? Because we’re coming off the run of a successful iteration of the franchise (that you were also involved in) and now starting a new one. Can you describe your thoughts about taking over the mantle of this significant character role in this new show?

Bauza: To sum it up in one word: excited! Being able to be part of an already successful version of the show was one thing [voiced Tiger Claw in the 2012 TMNT series], but getting to come back to play one of the most iconic good guys in animation history (for a change) was so cool and a dream come true.

Comics Beat:  How did you find the voice for this version of Master Splinter? We talked about how you’ve been a fan of the franchise since the beginning. So how did you create a voice that was unique to your own your own sensibilities but also carried the legacy of all these previous iterations of the character? And how did you make it sound fresh for this new audience?

Bauza: It all comes down to the writing and how the writers want to portray the character. [Show creators] Andy Suriano and Ant Ward had a specific vision for Splinter. And I feel that when viewers see Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, it’s a bit like a reboot, not just of the show, but of the characters themselves, including Master Splinter! We’re exploring the characters before they become full-fledged ninjas, before they truly find their way. And I think this goes with Master Splinter as well. In a sense, we’ve all grown to know this stoic character with a few moments of comedy. In this reimagining, he’s more aloof and comedic and when he’s a bit more serious and stern, that’s when he catches you. That’s when it means the most to him.

Comics Beat: What do you think will surprise older fans of the Turtles with this show and this version of Master Splinter? What will surprise viewers checking out the Turtles for the first time?

Bauza: That they’re still going to love it. Even though it’s different, it’s still very familiar. We don’t go too far so that you’re abandoned by the characters, but far enough that we tease you in a way: ‘Where will this character end up as we know him today?’ It gives viewers something to latch on to as far as the feeling of: ‘We’ve seen these characters many, many times before. Give us something new!’

Check out the rest of the of the interview at the Comics Beat source link below.

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